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Grand Staircase Lower Canyons

calf creek falls

Location: Utah
Sports: Hiking and Mountain Biking
Season: Spring and Fall
Duration: 6 days
Accommodations: Camping and Cabins
Departure: Fly to Las Vegas, NV or drive to Panguitch, UT

The Grand Staircase Lower Canyons multi-sport adventure provides exploring, camping, and backcountry mountain biking opportunities so vast and picturesque that the rest of the world will seem to shrink in comparison.

Between the Grand Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks, a series of brown, red, white, gray, and pink cliffs climb step by step on what explorer Zane Grey described as "a stairway to the sky." We ride our mountain bikes among red-banded spires, sandstone goblins, slick rock valleys, and petrified forests. Later, we overlook the Death Box Hollow Wilderness and the Dixie National Forest from our ride atop Hell's Backbone.

Hiking along the Escalante River, we inspect canyon walls for ancient Native American writings and artwork and brave a dip into the brisk waters of cascading Calf Creek Falls. Escalante's lower canyons provide easy to moderate terrain, making this a great trip for all levels of cyclists, both mountain and road.

Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park

biking zion national park

Location: Utah/Arizona
Season: Summer and Fall
Duration: 7 days
Accommodations: Camping and Inns or All Inns
Mileage: 400 Miles
Terrain: Mostly rolling terrain with a few days of long extended climbs
Departure: Fly to Las Vegas, NV or drive to St. George, UT

We've combined our three most popular destinations, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Grand Canyon, for a world class road cycling vacation. From southern Utah's Brian Head Peak, we descend off the mountain through a speedy blur of aspen and pine to Red Canyon State Park. Here, we ride a bicycle path lined with oversized sandstone figures--a curious token preview of a bigger scene that lies ahead. At Bryce Canyon National Park, our road ride through the forest opens abruptly to the brim of a giant basin filled to capacity with stone-silent gatherings of human-like hoodoos! We take a moment to hike down through its channels of bizarre form and color. En route to the Grand Canyon, we cycle through ponderosa forests and deer meadows to the North Rim, where anticipation meets its match at highest edge of the greatest gorge in the world! A brief hike down the canyon walls manifests the canyon's grand scale and magnitude. Cycling back over the Kaibab Plateau, we descend more than 5,000 feet into Zion National Park, for a grand finale ride into the stunning sanctuary of the Three Patriarchs, Angel's Landing, and the Great White Throne!


Capitol Reef National Park

cycling escalante and scenic highway 12

Location: Utah
Season: Summer
Duration: 6 days
Accommodations: Camping and Inns or All Inns
Mileage: 200-310 Miles
Terrain: Several high passes, longer climbs and extended descents
Departure: Fly to Las Vegas, NV or drive to St. George, UT

Central Utah has one of the largest stretches of true backcountry left in the nation. This area remained uncharted until the mid-1800s and still harbors many natural treasures yet to be discovered. From the alpine heights of Dixie National Forest to the slick rock canyons of Escalante National Monument, central Utah is a quiet paradise reserved for the few willing to venture this far.
Our road cycling trip goes eastward from Escalante, Utah through contrasting desert scenery and high alpine forests to Capitol Reef National Park. Named for the white sandstone dome that bears a striking resemblance to our nation's capitol building, this national park protects an immense uplift know as the Water pocket Fold. Long winding roads cut through a maze of canyons and an assembly of arches and monoliths make it seem as if this natural uplift was custom-made just for cyclists! Between rides, we relax in the quaint hamlets of Boulder and Escalante. Remote and sparsely populated, this biking trip is for anyone looking for a true backcountry experience.

Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

mountain biking moab, utah

Location: Utah
Season: Spring and Fall
Duration: 6 days
Accommodations: Camping or All Inns
Mileage: 138 Miles
Departure: Fly to Grand Junction, Colorado or drive to Moab, Utah

For some, the Canyonlands of southern Utah bring to mind the last of the Old West and America's frontier. For others, it speaks of the mystical lives of ancient civilizations long gone. Guests have told us that for them, the countryside brings a feeling of awe at first glance, and as their experience in the desert unfolds, a deeper appreciation. One of the best ways to experience Canyonlands is from a mountain bike, moving freely through the desert with the trail stretched out before you. The sun is on your back and snow-capped mountains rise in the distance. Welcome to Moab!

Undeniably the mountain bike mecca of the world, experience this spectacular trip through Utah's Canyonlands and Arches National Parks with our local shop, Moab Cyclery. Our adventure includes visits to Castle Valley, Fisher Towers, Canyonlands National Park, and Arches National Park. A sampling of epic mountain bike rides include the legendary Porcupine Rim, Onion Creek, and Kokopelli's Trail.

This trip is a great introduction to mountain biking for riders of all levels. The abundance of trails and the variety of terrain makes it a great choice for a private group and a custom itinerary as well.

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